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StageTech kicked off July by providing a full sound system and microphone package for the Austin Symphony and its 100,000+ attendees at the annual 4th of July fireworks celebration at Vic Mathias Shores in downtown Austin. Achieving high-quality audio over such a large area and for so many listeners is no easy feat, but StageTech prides itself on being able to handle any situation and deliver the best gear and expertise around. With help from a well-versed group of audio hands, an expansive sound system was erected for the event. The main stage consisted of six Electro-Voice subwoofers and 12 Electro-Voice XLD281 line-array speakers, as well as a side of stage mix using the Electro-Voice TourX system. Our three delay towers were placed over 300 feet away from the main stage. Each consisted of eight EV XLD line-array speakers and two EV Xsubs. Bill Mester mixed the show on StageTech’s trusty iLive system and managed to turn 70 microphones on a windy stage into a lovely, crisp and clean sounding symphony for the masses to enjoy.


StageTech also played a huge role in the 91st Texas Future Farmers of America convention in Ft. Worth this summer. Working alongside local Austin event production team Media Event Concepts, StageTech provided the sound system and DLive S7000/DM64 digital mixing system that helped make the event loud, clean and flawless. Before arriving on show site our team was able to create a sound rendering to accurately predict how our system would work and react in the large arena. Charles Mester was able to use a schematic of the arena and LAPS (Line Array Prediction Software) to adjust and correct the angles and heights of the speakers to get the best sound representation in the provided space. The extensive prep work allowed Bill to arrive at the 15,000 seat Ft. Worth Convention Center Arena ready to rig and fly 52 Electro-Voice XLD series line array speakers in various locations. All of the events in the arena were met with zero audio complaints. After multiple general sessions and a rocking concert from the Casey Donahew Band our system proved it’s up to any task no matter the size or challenges.


We’ve been excited about the dLive S7000 since we added it to our inventory in 2018. This is Allen & Heath’s most advanced digital console and our clients have been impressed with its look and performance. The console has recently been out at events such as the Austin Symphony POPS series, the Electric Lady Bird streaming show at the Austin Central Public Library and many touring shows at University of Texas McCullough Theatre. It was also used this year at Texas Future Farmers of America convention and The Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards.

The dLive is equally capable of handling corporate needs from simple panel discussion or boardroom tasks to a full scale live product unveil or company celebration.

Firmly established at the leading edge of the new wave of digital consoles, dLive has rapidly earned its reputation for superior audio quality, next generation workflows, stunning FX and faithful processing emulations.

dLive is a distributed, integrated, scalable and accessible audio mixing solution, designed to meet the complex needs of today’s multi-purpose venues. From education facilities and houses of worship to conference centres and visitor attractions, dLive provides the tools to manage every aspect of the audio life of these venues, becoming part of the fabric of the building.

With a thriving ecosystem of apps, software, remote controllers and more, dLive is fully equipped to become the centerpiece of your next show or project. Call us today for a demonstration.