High Definition Audio: You Can Hear the Difference – Part One: Introduction

Bill Mester, president of StageTech, has always invested, in fact, insisted on the best quality sound technology available. He wants his customers to receive the best possible listening experience, an experience comparable to the HD/4K video quality that consumers have come to expect.

Technology, innovation and affordability keep raising expectations for all video sources from gaming to movies to even a corporate power point and graphics presentation. We should expect the same from our listening experience.

“Even as a youngster, I would always save my lawn cutting and paper route earnings to buy the best stereo equipment I could afford,” says Bill. “I had a pre amp/amp and tuner, no receiver for me. And I had a belt-driven manual turntable with moving coil cartridge, of course. Of all my friends, I was the only one with a reel-to-reel tape machine. All that and a background in music and ear training has provided me with acute listening skills.”

High definition audio is defined as greater than 44.1kHz sampling rate/16-bit which is the specification of a standard compact disc. Most music listening services have a choice of perceivable format quality (MP3, WAV, etc.). Home stereo enthusiasts or professional audio technicians may debate the virtues of analog vs. digital. But that aside, most of the newer professional digital audio equipment is capable of sampling rates of 96kHz or greater, setting the standard for our listening experiences and expectations.

Speakers and amplifiers are the first thing most people think of when contemplating sound equipment.  Advanced technology and manufacturing techniques have produced a market with wide quality variations; some better than others, but most reproduce mediocre sound intelligibility and listener satisfaction. Reputable speaker and amplifier manufacturers provide the workhorse of the audio industry, i.e. inexpensive speakers on stands. However, listening “pleasure” is definitely not part of the design philosophy.

StageTech has invested in the latest digital pro audio systems that deliver true audiophile, high definition, pristine sound reproduction.  Our Allen&Heath D Live and SQ series mixers have 96kHz sampling rate protocols. Our Alcons Audio with pro-ribbon high frequency drivers and dedicated amplifiers/DSP, and StageTech’s newest acquisition, the VUE Audiotechnik line array and system engine (amplifier/DSP) deliver the sound quality you’ve been missing. You will hear nuanced parts of the mix that you’ve never noticed before. Even a casual listener can hear the difference.  Experience the difference for yourself.  StageTech will deliver a new pinnacle of aural experience and audience expectations.

Part Two will discuss the technology, details and advantages of the Alcons Audio LR7 line array system.

Part Three will introduce you to the new VUE Audiotechnik large-format concert line array system.

Stay tuned for a better, more satisfying listening experience.  Guaranteed.

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